Bromsgrove School 健康中心 is at the heart of delivering the care needed to support the pupils’ physical and emotional health and wellbeing. 

健康中心由一名全职护士经理和一组注册护士领导. 护理团队经验丰富, with a proactive approach to preventive healthcare and an extensive knowledge of all aspects of Independent School Nursing. All Nurses are employed by the School and there are no extra fees for their services or for treatment at the 健康中心. The nurses have support and professional supervision from the team of NHS Doctors at a local General Practice in Bromsgrove Town Centre. 这家诊所是Churchfields Surgery, BHI Parkside, Stourbridge Road, Bromsgrove,电话01527 872163. 所有寄宿生均在罗博士处注册.

给新到学校的学生, a Health History form must be completed – these forms are sent out with the Joining Instructions pack during the Summer Term prior to starting and we ask that they are returned as soon as possible. International pupils are asked to supply a detailed medical history and vaccination history form their current doctor.

保健中心的小组是学生在校生活的一个组成部分, 是否支持慢性疾病, 心理健康问题,或者只是在他们身体不适时提供必要的护理和监控. Our medical staff pride themselves in delivering high standards of care and promoting the life skills required to enable pupils manage all aspects of health in the future.

许多护士具有专家资格,因此保健中心可以提供哮喘门诊, 性健康和戒烟建议, 旅游及防疫建议, 糖尿病监测和其他重要的咨询服务.

学校的卫生专业人员团队与家长密切合作, academic staff and other support staff to meet the needs of individual pupils or to deal with health and welfare issues that may affect the whole School. 寄宿公寓雇佣女舍监来管理卫生和福利. They are not trained nurses but are an integral part of the pastoral team and have a primary caring and parenting role in the house. 当舍监不值班的时候, 值班工作人员负责保健和福利,并由护士小组提供额外24小时支助.

The 健康中心 has a number of in-patient beds for pupils who are unwell and they are cared for by a Registered Nurse 24 hours a day, 学期期间每周7天. Rooms are quiet and comfortable with televisions and internet access and we have our own kitchen where freshly cooked food is served. The 健康中心 is situated between the 准备aratory and 高级 Schools where the younger pupils have access through the School grounds.

Parents and guardians are welcome to call in to the 健康中心 or contact them by telephone or email at any time. 为寄宿生的父母安排与医生的直接联系很容易. We strongly encourage sharing information about treatment and follow up care - between the pupil concerned, 他们的父母, 健康中心及有关学校职员, 并要求所有的父母在节日期间让我们知道发生的事情, 特别是如果学生在下个学期需要额外的支持.

您可以致电01527 579679 ext 217与健康中心联系
或下班后(21岁之前).30)移动电话:07468 726929

我们的任何政策的详细信息都可以根据家长的要求提供. 他们是由学校医务官批准的, 健康和安全干事和学术高级管理小组, 并在全校范围内实施.


为了保护所有学生,从现在起,医疗中心将只供寄宿生使用. 请参阅 COVID-19隔离程序 

很明显, 如果儿童表现出可识别的COVID-19病毒症状(体温高于37℃).8, 新的和持续的咳嗽, 和/或味觉和嗅觉的变化), 家长被要求把孩子留在家里,并立即进行检查. 如何寻求检测的详细信息请参见《十大网赌网址》. 如果检测结果为阳性,请立即通知学校. 如果孩子在上学期间生病, 按照程序的描述,他们将被隔离,父母将被要求收集他们. 天的学生 who become unwell will be quarantined in a private room but will then need to return to the safe surrounding of their own home as soon as possible.

保健中心现已指定仅供寄宿生使用, 如果学生身体不适,他们就会被送到自己的家里和医生那里. 除了我们通常密切监控所有学生的健康和幸福之外, we are adding some extra precautions for boarders this term: Houseparents check boarders’ temperature daily; we have appointed an additional nurse to join our 健康中心 team, who will live onsite and therefore be able to attend any 登机 House at any time of the day or night; daily visits to each boarding House by the nursing team will take place so that any unwell children can be monitored.  

If any boarding pupil should display the recognisable symptoms of the COVID-19 Virus (temperature above 37.8, 新的和持续的咳嗽, 和/或味觉和嗅觉的变化), 我们会马上安排测试的. 因与潜在携带者接触而被要求自我隔离的寄宿学生或工作人员, travel quarantine requirements or because they become ill themselves will be able to self-isolate in secure and comfortable isolation facilities which we have set up for any boarders who fall into these categories. Every House has its own quarantine quarters and a separate building opposite the 健康中心 has also been repurposed to care for them if necessary. 走读学生将被要求在自己家中隔离.

除非有特殊情况,寄宿学生在学期期间在学校受到照顾. Any boarding pupil may be advised that they should stay in the 健康中心 under close nursing supervision - to prevent cross infection, 或者他们是否需要密切观察. 然而,在保健中心隔离是不寻常的. 高级 School Boarders that are unable to attend lessons usually prefer to be looked after by their Housemother in their own rooms, 护士通过定期看望他们并监督他们的护理来促进这一过程. 准备aratory School Boarders that are unable to attend lessons are usually looked after at the 健康中心 and return to their boarding house in the evening. 寄宿生在夜间是否会感到不适, the Housemaster/mistress contacts the staff on duty in the 健康中心 who will arrange an emergency visit or treatment as needed.

走读生必须到学校接待处报到,他们将在那里接受评估. 如果不适合返回课堂,家长将被要求立即收集他们.  

 我们欢迎有各种健康问题和不同严重医疗状况的学生. Our aim is to support and enable them to make the best of their school life and achieve their full potential by understanding their condition and taking control of their own condition management

学校顾问  学校有一名青年支持工作者,理查德·平彻(Richard Pincher),学生们可以联系他.

学校的所有护士都接受了倾听和心理健康支持技能方面的培训. 我们减少的服务提供了学生, 工作人员和家长在各种情况下得到即时支持, 在适当的时候,我们都会求助于医生和其他服务机构. 如果进行了推荐, nurses offer continued support for that person to enable them to continue normal school life as far as possible.

Monday to Friday 08:10-08:50: Appointments can be booked in advance through the 健康中心 Reception or by email, 或者护士会给你介绍,并预约.


保健中心大楼关闭时,随时都有护士值班. 如果学生的健康有紧急问题, 他们被要求通知他们的家长或在他们的家庭教师值班. 白宫工作人员将联系值班护士,并根据需要安排紧急访问或治疗, 或者在紧急情况下直接送去医院. 

健康中心的护士会按照卫生署的指引提供免疫接种服务. 我们要求您提供有关您孩子的旅行疫苗要求的信息. 


在学校假期进行的任何医疗咨询或干预, 我们要求您向保健中心发送电子邮件,提供信息,以确保执行任何建议的护理.  如果您的孩子暴露在传染病,如水痘, 流行性腮腺炎, whooping cough or to any tropical diseases such as ebola they should not return to School until they have had a clear bill of health from a doctor.

除非有医生的处方,学生不应自行携带药物到学校, 在这种情况下,必须提供药物的英文翻译, 孩子会的 必须去看校医以确保开的药是正确的. 

All Houses can administer over the counter remedies and then may refer pupils to the 健康中心 if there is no improvement in their condition. 

Parents should be aware that not all medications from abroad are licensed in the UK and that the School Doctor will have to assess them on an individual basis. 


If your child has private medical health insurance please send this information to the School’s finance department. 


请不要犹豫,联系 健康中心 如果你对你的孩子有任何担忧. 







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